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Hangzhou Overview

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province. With enchanting natural beauty and abundant cultural heritages, the city is known as 'Heaven on Earth' and one of China's most important tourist cities.

The Romance of the Song Dynasty Show

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The Romance of the Song Dynasty in Song Dynasty Town is a must-see show. In the form of singing, dancing, and acrobatics, it mainly shows the local allusions and folklore of Hangzhou such as Legend of the White Snake , the Butterfly Lovers , stories of General Yue Fei’s leading the defense against invaders etc. And it applies high-tech to enhance stage effect which definitely will give tourists a ground-breaking visual feast. 

Location: No.148, Zhijiang Road, Hangzhou. 

Time: daily 14:00-15:00; 19:30-20:30.

Six Harmonies Pagoda

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Pronounced Liuhe Pagoda in Chinese, it is located at the foot of Yuelun Hill, facing the Qiantang River. It was originally constructed in 970 AD, destroyed in 1121, and reconstructed fully by 1165. After the current pagoda was constructed of wood and brick during the Southern Song dynasty, additional exterior eaves were added during the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing Dynasties (1644–1911). The pagoda is octagonal in shape and some 59.89 metres (196.5 ft) in height; it also has the appearance of being a thirteen-storey structure, though it only has seven interior stories. There is a spiral staircase leading to the top floor and upon each of the seven ceilings are carved and painted figures including animals, flowers, birds and characters. Each story of the pagoda consists of four elements, the exterior walls, a zigzagged corridor, the interior walls and a small chamber. Viewed from outside, the pagoda appears to be layered-bright on the upper surface and dark underneath. That is a harmonious alternation of light and shade.

Lingyin Temple

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Coming to the northwest of the West Lake, you will visit the Lingyin Temple, a Buddhist temple of the Chan sect. The temple'sname literally means Temple of the Soul's Retreat. It was constructed about 1,600 years ago and is the oldest temple in the city.It is one of the largest and wealthiest Buddhist temples inChina, and contains numerous pagodas and Buddhist grottoes.

Xixi National Wetland Park

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China's first national wetland park, Xixi National Wetland Park is about 6km from Hangzhou city center. If West Lake is the famed beauty of Hangzhou, Xixi National Wetland Park is its young maiden still hidden at home, not yet discovered by the world.

Literally meaning "west waterway," Xixi is a lush wetland that covers about 10 square kilometers, of which three-and-a-half square kilometers are open to the public as a park. With more than 70 percent of the area being covered by water, Xixi National Wetland Park truly deserves its nickname, "wetland paradise."

You can take a 1-hour electric boat ride(included) on the water which provides pretty views of the waterway, wild weeds and, with a little luck, waterfowl swimming in the lake. After the ride, feel free to take a walk in the park. The complete walk route around the park is about 8km and you can walk as long as you like.

Meijiawu Tea Culture Village

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Located in the west of West Lake, it is an ancient village with a history of 600 years. Inhabited by more than 500 households, Meijiawu Tea Culture Village is picturesque surrounded by mountains and waters; it is a main production base and a protected area of the fragrant West Lake Dragon Well Tea, and a leisure tourist spot featured with tea culture in farm style.

West Lake

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West Lake is the soul of this city. The pretty of the West Lake not only lies in the lake itself but also in the surrounded bridges, pavilions and dozens of matched hills.After the cruise, take a walk by the lake which will bring you closer to it.